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Тарифы BambooHR

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Сервис для автоматизации работы специалиста по кадрам. Система хранит и систематизирует всю информацию о персонале организации.

Features Essentials Advantage
HR Management
Employee Records
Benefit Tracking
Standard Reporting
Document Storage
Standard Access Levels
Standard Workflows & Approvals
Standard Email Alerts
Employee Self-Service
Time-Off Management
Employee Directory & Org Chart
Company Calendar
Mobile App
Single Sign-On
Customer Support
Email Support
Customer Success Webinar Library
Telephone Support
Hiring & Onboarding
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Electronic Signature
Training Tracking
Advanced Components
Advanced Reporting
Tailored Workflows & Approvals
Custom Access Levels
Custom Email Alerts
Custom Tabs & Fields
Company Branding
Audit Trail
Integrations / Data Sharing
BambooHR Open API
BambooHR Marketplace
Employee Satisfaction with eNPS
Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

Addons Description
Performance Management
  • Goals
Create, monitor, and collaborate on individual goals, all within BambooHR. Goals increase engagement through timely, constant feedback, and automated reminders keep progress on track.
  • Peer Feedback
Simple, meaningful questions provide the peer-level perspective you need to highlight strengths, identify weaknesses, and help your people develop into all-star employees.
  • Self/Manager Assessment
Our short, objective evaluations are easier to do more often. That translates to higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment.
  • Employee Performance Report
A simple visual comparison of performance and engagement at any level—from a few employees to the entire company—helps identify issues or highlight high-performing groups and individuals for recognition.
  • Company Performance Report
Learn how employees feel about your organization and why. Compare performance over time and across multiple factors to help identify issues, make improvements, and predict problems before they happen.
Time Tracking
  • Daily Time Entry
With time entry integrated right into BambooHR Home, clocking in and out and entering hours worked couldn't be easier.
  • Employee Timesheets
Get a detailed accounting of hours worked, overtime, and holiday hours for each pay period. Permissions let you customize individual access for review, editing, or approvals.
  • Automatic Reminders
At the end of each pay period, employees receive a reminder to review their timesheet for accuracy before they submit it for approval.
  • Approval Workflow
An automated task at the end of each pay period sends managers a simplified view of employee timesheets for review and approval.
  • Automatic Overtime Calculations
Pre-programmed, automatic overtime pay for all 50 U.S. states makes calculating overtime as simple as adding an employee's location.
  • Report for Payroll
All regular, overtime, PTO, and holiday hours appear in one standard report that easily exports for use with any third-party payroll system.
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